Monday, October 20, 2008

Tom and Maria Burton

Congratulations... Thomas and Maria have set their wedding date! They will be getting married on January 16th. Elder Burton is the missionary who gave Josh the discussions and has been an important person in our lives ever since! We love you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Office

The Office was a Thursday tradition at our house before the boys left on their missions.. when they got home, Josh bought the last 2 seasons so that he, Payden and Robbie could get caught up on the episodes that they missed! This is the picture that Josh and Payden gave Robbie for his birthday... you gotta love them...

Mission Reunion

Mikey Su'a
President Koyle

On Friday, Josh had his first Mission Reunion. Josh spent 11 months with President Koyle and his wife Pam in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission. President Brent H. Koyle, has been called to serve as the Temple President and Sister Pam Koyle will be the Temple Matron of the South Carolina, Columbia Temple. Josh was excited to get to see his old companions... this is Mikey Su'a the first missionary Josh met in Albuquerque.