Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kory and Jenna

Vicki - Jenna - Jana and Paige
Kory showing off his Zebra print on the back of his tie...
Pink and Silver were their colors... and yes... 
she REALLY wore those shoes around Temple Square
Cutting their cake with her Grandpa's hunting knife

Kory and Jenna were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on 3/18/10. They had an open house in Pocatello on Saturday. Jana, Paige and I drove up to finally meet this sweet man whole stole our Jenna's heart! Congratulations!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Josh's first day of Spring Break....

* New tint on the back window
* Cleaned the seats
* Vacuumed floor mats
* Spit shined the inside
* Quick run through the car wash
* Wilson Motors for safety inspection
* Courthouse to pay 2010 taxes
* Visit to Papa and Grandma's

Josh was heading home when....
A 72 year old woman ran into the side of Smoke!

This is the what happened to dad last summer... the day after he paid his taxes... he ran into the suicidal Bambi! Moral of the story... pay your taxes on-line on a Saturday and stay home from church on Sunday... you should be covered ;-)

Rainbow Cake

Here is a picture of the rainbow cake... it turned out cute too! Some Uno-Spin... Family... Fun - Happy Clover Day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

2 of the 6 colors we used...
Kendra drizzling a little of each color on top of the other...
Josh helped too... look he's even smiling...
The final product... not bad for our first try...
and they tasted pretty darn good too!
The wrapper even turned into a pretty rainbow!

Josh - Kendra and I decided to make rainbow cupcakes for Clover Day... It was definitely a group effort and I am excited for the way they turned out!