Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

 Mom and dad taking care of the turkey
 The house lighting ceremony
 Aunt Peggy and Mom - they were the losers in Christmasary...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is Frankie... he has been part of our family for a several years now. I would unpack the little fella every fall and then couldn't wait for our annual Halloween party for my Aunt Mary to press his button! Aunt Mary loved him... she would giggle and smile and play him again over and over. A few nights before Pumpkin Day in 2006, Frankie and I went to visit Aunt Mary in her room at the nursing home. Even when she was not feeling her best... she still loved to watch him dance and jump on her table. I decided that since it brought her so much joy... I would leave Frankie with her until after Halloween. She loved to show him off to anyone who came to visit. She passed away a month later. The next Halloween I kept Frankie in the box... I knew it would be too hard to look at him and watch him jump without the watchful eye of my Aunt Mary. This year it was time for him to jump again... and he did. Our home teachers little boy, Blake, loved him. He would giggle and smile and play him over and over...


Halloween just happened to be on a Friday... there was a Grizzly football game in the afternoon along with it being my month end at work. Since everyone knows that I always wear my Logan High Football shirt and gold socks to work as my pre-game tradition... I would not be dressing up in my "usual" Halloween costume (a Dallas Cowboy jersey and hat) so the girls decided to do something fun for me... they dressed in purple form head to toe...(literally...Paige had purple toe socks and Jana had striped stockings along with the purple hats... Jana's "bobbed" when she talked it was too funny! What fun it is to work with these two sweeties!