Sunday, January 15, 2012

Voice Male... Is Comin' To Town...

John and Richard singing my favorite...
Tractin' In A Winter Wonderland
 John Huff
Rick Murdock and Mike Bearden
 Richard McAllister
 Rick ~ Mike ~ Mike ~ John ~ Richard
A little blurry... but they were posing just for me!
 John ~ Mike ~ Richard ~ Rick ~ Mike ~ John
 I love their facial expressions...
On December 10th Voice Male came to town... it's been our tradition for several years now! This year we were lucky enough to get front row seats... right at center stage! I had to post the bottom pictures so that you can see their facial expressions and how much fun they have while entertaining! It was another great show and they introduced their new member ~ Rick Murdock. We miss Phil... but Rick did a great job and fits in well the crazy antics that fill the right hand side of the stage.  If you have never seen them in concert... you need to make sure that they are on your Christmas must do list for 2012! You can find them here.