Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Too Shall Pass...

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! Here are just a few examples! Needless to say... it's been pretty crazy at the office the past few weeks. Our new computer system will be going "live" on October 1st so I have been busy trying to get all of the Classified "ducks" in a row. I've been putting lots of extra hours the past few weeks... and asking lots of "favors" from everyone! Josh has been my trooper... he calls almost everyday to check-in and see if I need him to bring me some lunch or even dinner... he will even drop by just to say "hi" since I'm not at home as much. I went out to grab my paper (if I don't read it in the morning... it won't get read for the day) and found some chocolate chip cookies left by my awesome visiting teaching companion along with a note... reminding me she thinks I'm wonderful... and no... I ate all 5 of them all by myself... and they were "Super D"! Then after I had a complete "head pop up and spin around moment" on Thursday morning... sweet Devin came over and asked if I was okay... and said "I think you need a hug"...and he was so right! With outstretched arms... he gave me just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have gone the extra mile --- to remind me to SMILE!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mom and Dad's New Patio

Framed and ready for cement...
Waiting for the cement to come pouring out...
Notice the hose dangling down
This is what that hose is connected to...
It's pretty sweet how they can get cement
to the back of the house... without wheel barrows.
Final pictures with the steps completed...
Changes... changes... it took Dad about 2 days to completely tear down the deck... it was sad to see it go... we've had many celebrations on that deck...Now we can have many new ones on the new patio! Josh was still sad that it still did not help our badminton court at all... we will still have to play that on the side yard...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cowboys Opener

Our sweet new Cowboy jerseys.... thanks Josh!
#82 Jason Whitten * #94 DeMarcus Ware

Josh figured out a way that we can watch the Cowboy games
that are not televised  locally through Josh's laptop and onto
our flat screen TV. It was pretty sweet! 
We had a few "hiccups" but it was better than not being able
to watch the games at all! . 
Dad came down and we watched the game and ate 
Jimmy John sandwiches and chips...
what a way to "kick off" the 2009 Football season!

Happy Grandparents Day!

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Happy Grandparents Day to you both... thanks for all you do for us! We love you!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Never Forget...

Where were you on 9.11? That forever will be something I never forget. Josh had always watched Sports Center while eating his breakfast... he called to me to hurry and turn on my TV... a plane was crashing into a building. There it was... the images of the fire and smoke billowing out of the towers. I didn't want Josh to school that day... I just wanted him close by. I had not yet started my job at The Herald Journal, so I spent the day (like most Americans) engrossed in the TV... switching from channel to channel. Trying to digest all of the events of the day... and the attack on our country! My heart still goes out to all of families and friends of those lost on the horrible day. Let's all wear Red - White and Blue on Friday to show we will... Never Forget!

God Bless America!