Monday, May 25, 2009


I love lilacs... they are my most favorite flower... I love their smell... and their color (that's a no brainer)... and I love that you can only smell and see them for a short time each spring... I think that is why they are so special to me. I "oogled" this loaded tree in Smithfield several times this week... I just couldn't pass up getting a pic!

Thinking Of You...

Boyd and Carole Larsen
(Vicki's Grandpa and Grandma)
My Grandpa loved cars!
 "Our Baby" (Vicki's Aunt)
My mom and I both picked the same flowers!
 Russell and Mary Baugh
(Vicki's Great Uncle and Aunt)
Can you tell my Aunt Mary loved yellow?

I love and miss you all! Huggies!

Happy Birthday Dad

I'm a little late in getting this posted... I hope you had a great day!
Dad...I love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy me!

Check out my new guitar... and this one has a beautiful sound!
Josh has always gotten me a Boyd's Bear for my birthday...
(except for the 2 years on his mission)
he said he had to make up by giving me two this year...
she's a cutie!
Sweet looking cake... and it's purple too... who would have thought?

I admit it... I am one spoiled daughter/mother! Thanks for the most special Birthday/Mother's Day I could have asked for. It started on Friday when I was surprised with beautiful flowers at work... Sunday mom, Josh and I went to Sacrament meeting (I love to listen to those sweet primary kids singing to their moms... it just melts my heart!) Then back home to meet up with  my dad to have a nice birthday dinner and gifts along with cake and ice cream! Thanks you for making my days so special... I love you very much!