Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poor Romo...

Poor Romo... he was either in the backfield scrambling for his life...
or laying flat as a pancake on his back...
(breakfast is sounding really good about now)
Where was the offensive line? Actually... where were the Cowboys?
It was not a sad day for the three of us (me - Josh and dad)
we just wished that we had shown up and given
the Vikings a run for their money.

Great year "boys"... we have a team to keep building with
and come back in 2010 with another division championship
and more playoff games... and hey...
isn't the Superbowl in Texas Stadium next year...?
That would be sweet... home field advantage Cowboys!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cowboy Treats...

It's become tradition that I make "star" shaped treats before the
Cowboy games. Usually Josh is the "decorator extraordinaire"
he did the first batch but then got busy cleaning his car...
so I had to finish.  Just in time for a
for half-time treat-time for the die hard Cowboy fans.

I may not be the worlds best cook...
but at least my family loves my Rice Krispie treats.
Josh wanted this picture taken so that he can show
his grandkids (someday) that their Great-Grandmother
did "bake"... Thanks Josh!

Looks like next weekend will have another batch of treats!
Go Cowboys... You Rock!

Happy Birthday Mom

On Christmas Day...Josh and I along with Aunt Peggy
went to dinner at mom and dads...
after dinner we played games...
dad wanted to give mom her birthday gift a day early...
a new diamond necklace! Nice job dad!
Saturday we all went to dinner at Fredrico's - mom's favorite
then back to their house for a "re-match" of Uno Spin!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunglasses and Maxine...

Sooooo... last week I picked up my new sunglasses! I had picked them out a few weeks earlier. I found the perfect pair...they had PURPLE frames... they could not be more me. Well... after dinner Josh asked to see them... he could not contain his laughter... and then the comments came spilling out from both Val and Josh... BOYS!!! They told me I should come back to THIS DECADE (Val's mother has a pair similar in a picture taken back in the 70's)... and who was I trying to be...a ROCKSTAR? They told me that they would not be seen with me wearing them...they made fun of me for over an hour...and then as Kendra and Payden came to visit... Josh and Val wanted their opinions too... (I'm so glad there's a GIRL in the house...thanks Kendra!). The final blow was when Josh told me I looked like that "cartoon character with the coffee mug"... Yes... he was talking about MAXINE... So... I felt like the above cartoon was perfect ... both in color and wording for my sweet husband and son!
I sure hope they like my new PURPLE glasses I have on order for everyday... they should be here on Monday... check back...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

NFC East Division Champs

How 'Bout Them Cowboys.... NFC East Division Champions!
Hey Josh... I say let's order 4 of these...