Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Josh's New Gig...

He got the call... he starts on Thursday! Shawn Harrison had talked to him at the softball game last week and asked if he might be interested in working part-time in the sports department doing the "Scoreboard" section.  Shawn said.. the pay is not great... the hours are terrible (8pm - midnight) and Friday and Saturday nights are a must... are you still interested? Josh jumped... okay he leaped at the chance... what could be better for a "want to be" sports journalist than working at the local newspaper... doing what he loves... and working with guys that he things are great... what is not to like?  Congrats Josh... here is that foot in the door... let it lead you where your heart takes you to!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herald Journal Softball...

Can you say woot... woot...
for the Home Run King of The HJ... 
this was Josh's second OVER THE FENCE home run!
Way to go son!
Not sure what's up with the circles it was not raining
hey dad... maybe they are fireflies!
The Herald Journal team pulled it off!
The congrats from the losers...
The winning team in their white HJ shirts
(well some of them anyway)
The Champions!
Front row: Brady Wolfe - Jeff Hunter - Wade Denniston and Shawn Harrison. Back row: Nate Shields - Jason Turner - Dustin Wood -  Joey Hislop and Joshua Stead. Missing: Paul Davis and Wes Mecham
Paul Davis and his battle wounds...

Wow... what a fun night.  Our first game was at 8pm and if we won... we played for the Championship at 10pm. The first game was a battle... more with words. They had some of the rudest men I have every heard... they were making fun of our players... personally I don't think that's what playing ball is all about... however, in the end we SPANKED them! Ah...ha... Ah...ha...! After an hour of waiting... its off to field number 1... It has been a long season (it started back in May but because of holidays and rain outs... we are still playing in September... who would have thought! Everything was going great... we were having good hits... Josh got his home run... and then... Paul got hit with a line drive right at his eye. I didn't see it happen I just saw his body flat on the mound! You can tell how much we love Paul... I gave him Josh's Dallas Cowboy beach towel to help with the bleeding... and it was off to the ER. The guys finished out a great game and won their division!  I could not be prouder of these amazing guys that entertained us every Monday night... I can't wait until next season.  Josh and I ran up to the ER to see how Paul was doing after the game... I had to laugh when he asked... are you going to take a picture of me... how could I resist... 3 hours, 12 stitches and a broken bone later Paul finally got to leave the ER... he actually used a sick day... there's always a first for everything!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apple Days Parade...

Mickie Jibson - what an amazing woman!
The "Rat" Float - believe it or not...
this baby took First Place!
You can't have a Apple Days Parade without a pony!
The Halloween creature chatting with Ian

Every September River Heights holds its Apple Days Parade.  It has been tradition that we go and watch it at Aunt Peggy's house... she has the spot in town!  Jeff, Kathryn, Ian and Megan along with mom and dad have quite the fun time! We had more candy tossed to us this year than most kids get from 2 hours of trick-or-treating!  Thanks Aunt Peggy for keeping this fun family tradition going!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Josh's Corvette...

Thing of beauty...
Mom is ready to take her for a "spin"....
That is one sweet ride and the model is pretty cute too! We decided it was best if we moved the car over next to the house for added protection... it's only taken us all summer to finally do it. Maybe next year Josh will get it ready to go and we can take her for a ride down Main Street in the Cruise In!

Scrappin' Blogs...

Here is a shout out to Scrappin' Blogs... they ROCK! My blog was pretty much Cowboy'd Up... but a Cowboy background would be the cherry on top! Since I'm a dummy when it comes to that kind of "blog stuff" I figured there was no way I would ever get my Cowboy background. Scrappin' Blogs to the rescue! They had some cute football backgrounds they had created... BYU - U of U - Titans - Colts... and I left them a message asking if there was any way I could request a Dallas Cowboy background... a few hours later I had an e-mail back... Ask and you shall receive! They had two Cowboy backgrounds for me to choose from!  I have to admit... I was at work and I stood up on my desk and did the happy dance... (okay so I didn't do it on my desk... but behind it I did)!  I had to change it right then and there!  Check them out... http://scrappinblogs.blogspot.com/  they have awesome backgrounds... something for everyone ... and every occasion! Thank you Elaine - Kristy and Tycie... you three ROCK!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Pics

I bought a wood frame with 4 slots for pictures over a year ago... I just hung it on the wall and kept thinking someday we will get some pictures to put in it... Josh was the master mind and got us together... finally... for some pictures.  Kendra was good enough to come and take them for us!  We went to an old abandoned building here in town, I never thought you could have 5 different looks from one location... pretty sweet! I love the pics with the Cowboy-ware ...
I think we are ready for some football!

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Labor Day...

I was looking forward to a nice 3 day weekend (I don't get many of those these days)...I knew that I needed to get the door jams painted... but I had NO idea just how much work they would be! Mom and dad to the rescue! They both came down on Saturday morning... mom and I sanded while dad primed and then painted the wood.  Dad installed new molding around the doors... why in the world they picked black strips when the doors and the casings are white is beyond me... but I now have brand new white strips that looks so pretty!
The Front door... and a closer look.... it really needed it!
The deck door...  and the garage door... all in much need of some TLC
The front door and the deck door completed ... don't they look great!

Then it was off to the fridge in the garage... luckily I spared you the grossness of it with no pictures but imagine 6 years with 4 not so "careful" boys getting in and out of it on a daily basis... ooohhheeeewwww! I scrubbed and scrubbed the outside and the inside while mom worked her magic on all of the shelves and trays... it looks brand spank me new! On Monday Josh and started on the garage... We moved pretty much everything and hosed the entire garage down, the cobwebs from the ceiling went bye-bye,  we got Josh's Corvette moved closer to the house (now that we only have 3 cars at the house instead of the 7 cars we had at one time...yes my dad said we looked like a used car lot... and it was sooo true!)  I got the entire driveway and side parking finally hosed down and it looks (and feels) so good! All in all it was a very busy weekend... but we now have 23 projects done... and only 477 more to go!