Thursday, March 5, 2009

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Josh, Payden and Mike headed off to the race Sunday morning... they checked out a few of the driver trailers and then headed to the stands... they had 2nd row seats (in NASCAR sitting close to the track is NOT a good thing) For one... you can't see the whole track and you get "marbles" flipped up on your face for the entire race (Josh didn't have sunglasses) However, you get that awesome sound of the engines at 900 RPM's... wow... The race had a record number of cautions... so the race didn't end until 6:30 and then they had to wait in the parking lot for over 2 hours to finally get out on the freeway to head home. They were home at 4:30... it was a lot of driving... but he had a blast! (Hey... next time...remember your mother...)

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