Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday Night Football

The "back side"
Vicki - Uncle Darrell - Dad - Josh
Kendra and Vicki
Uncle Darrell.... Throwing "the bomb"
The "Heisman Pose" .... lookin' good Dad!

The Cowboys on Sunday night football... what could be better... a Johnson Cowboy Party! Chicken... rolls... pop and cookies for "treat time"... we were set. Since we all had jerseys... Josh wanted to make sure that Uncle Darrell had one too... #9 - Romo... fits perfect! (Thanks for being so thoughful!) Kendra had her first "Cowboy" game with the family... hopefully she will come back too! Here's to more Cowboy parties in the next few months... Superbowl has a nice ring to it... Go Cowboys!

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