Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day...

I think my dad is going to love reading this look by Larry H
No... it's NOT Christmas... but since Josh's closet is super full of clothes... shoes... etc.  he has taken over the utility room with all of his work clothes and shoes and CRAP! (I will have to get a picture of that mess...) anyway we can't get back into the room to get to the wrapping paper and ribbons... Where is he going to put all this stuff when we sell the house?
Josh found this super pretty color of Polo shirt and thought it would be perfect for Papa... and it will be! Dad... you know you love purple... remember the purple shirt you used to wear ever Saturday for the Raptors?

My mom fixed a nice dinner... ham...potatoes...rolls... and we still had some left over baked beans from the reunion so we added those to the mix too!  Ummmm everything was super good! After dinner we played games and dad opened his gifts. 
I love you daddy!

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