Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Josh is an Aggie!

January 5th was Josh's first day at Utah State University! He is planning on going out in Sports/Broadcast Journalism

Here are the "cons" from the sports guys at The Herald Journal:
* Too many weekends
* Too many late nights
* Too much traveling

Here are a few of the "pros"
* Front row seats to sporting events
* Sideline views of games
* Interviewing sports figures
* Get paid to travel (with the team)
* A job doing what you love
* Putting all those years of watching Sports Center (instead of cartoons) to good use!

Josh I think you have picked the perfect "field" for you! Congrats...and go Aggies!


  1. That's awesome! I am excited for him, sounds like a ton of fun too!

  2. Congrats. Josh will do great and will love it. He just better remember me when he is rich. :)

  3. We are so happy for Josh! I hope he is liking his classes....he said they weren't too bad!


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