Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vegas... Here I Come

Well its official... Josh and Payden (along with Payden's dad Mike) bought their tickets to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR race on Sunday! I admit... I'm jealous... after all it was me who took Payden to several of the races at Rocky Mountain Raceway... and helped to develop his love of racing... shouldn't I be going too? Maybe next year... (hint.. hint... honey!) They are pretty excited to be going and Josh promised to get a picture of him with Dale Jr... for his scrapbook!

Here's a few things they can do while at the track... for only $109 each they can "ride-along" in the Richard Petty car for 3 laps...just to get the feel of what it would really be like to drive 180 mph...(the Petty car can only go 160 mph) what a rush or they could attend the wedding of a couple from Logan who will be getting "hitched" in the "Neon Garage".

Josh has always been a Tony Stewart fan from our NASCAR beginnings back in 2000... I still say... Go...Dale... but this time... I will cheer for Tony too! Remember he drives the #14... Office Depot car not the Home Depot #20... ;-) Boogity... boogity... boogity!

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  1. Lucky duck! I still think you should be going too! He will have a ton of fun!


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