Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Wow... it's hard to believe that 22 years ago today.. at 11:57 pm... no wonder you are such a "night owl"... my sweet boy was born and my life was forever changed... for the better! I can't imagine my life without you! Since you turn the big 22 today... here are just 22 of the many reasons why I love you!

1. You can always make me laugh!
2. Keep in close touch with your Papa and Grandma
3. Still give your mom hugs
4. You are a sports nut
5. Is a Cokeaholic too!
6. Is thoughtful
7. Is a good son... most of the time
8. Will help your mom with housework
9. Has a cute smile
10. Is a wonderful son
11. Has a fun personality
12. Dallas Cowboy all around #1 fan
13. Hard worker
14. Willing to serve a 2 year mission
15. Likes to "surprise" people
16. Always smells good
17. Has a "need for speed"
18. Dresses sharp
19. Is a great grandson
20. Generous
21. Loves to tease
22. Because you are you!

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  1. You are truly a delight, Josh. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.


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