Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Too Shall Pass...

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! Here are just a few examples! Needless to say... it's been pretty crazy at the office the past few weeks. Our new computer system will be going "live" on October 1st so I have been busy trying to get all of the Classified "ducks" in a row. I've been putting lots of extra hours the past few weeks... and asking lots of "favors" from everyone! Josh has been my trooper... he calls almost everyday to check-in and see if I need him to bring me some lunch or even dinner... he will even drop by just to say "hi" since I'm not at home as much. I went out to grab my paper (if I don't read it in the morning... it won't get read for the day) and found some chocolate chip cookies left by my awesome visiting teaching companion along with a note... reminding me she thinks I'm wonderful... and no... I ate all 5 of them all by myself... and they were "Super D"! Then after I had a complete "head pop up and spin around moment" on Thursday morning... sweet Devin came over and asked if I was okay... and said "I think you need a hug"...and he was so right! With outstretched arms... he gave me just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have gone the extra mile --- to remind me to SMILE!

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