Sunday, December 13, 2009

Josh's Cowboy Star

December 26, 1995 - Joshua 8 Years Old
Josh had asked if the Cowboys made it to the playoffs would I let him get a "star" cut into his hair... It was pretty funny... my dad was fit to be tied and said that no grandson of his would look like that! I kept telling him... it won't be that big of a deal... and it will grow out fast. The Cowboys played a Christmas Day game that put them into the playoffs. The funny thing is the next morning I received a phone call at work from by dad asking if Josh needed a haircut (my dad used to take him to Al with him... Josh was pretty fussy about his hair at 8... geeze) and then said... Al said "he can cut a star into his hair if you want him to"... Surprise... surprise... the other funny thing was... my dad kept trimming out the center of the star until after the Cowboys won the Super Bowl!
December 11, 2009 - Joshua 22 Years Old
Your star is awesome! How far will we go this year?

Being the ultimate Cowboy fan... Josh decided that the "boys" needed some help with their December "loss record" (for the past several years... the Cowboys loose the majority of their December games). It was time for a hair cut and he asked Al if he would put another star in his hair...

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