Sunday, December 13, 2009

Voice Male In Concert

John Luthy and John Huff
John Huff and Richard McAllister
Singing "Trackin' In A Winter Wonderland"
I love this song... it's about a Missionary
Josh was on his mission the first time I heard it!
Voice Male
John Huff - Richard McAllister
Mike Willson - Richard McAllister and John Huff
I was shocked when they posed just for me...
and I didn't get a very good picture!

Awesome! This is our 4th year of going to their concert at the Ellen Eccles Theatre. It never gets old... they have the most amazing voices... if you have not heard their music... you have to check them out at Go to CD we've made and then click on a CD and select a will hear a snip-it of each one.

When we were trying to find a parking place... John Huff and Mike Willson were standing on the stairs in the back of the Theater... being total dorks... we all waved at them... John did wave back (Mom is positive that is why he waved to me at the end of the concert).

They always sing "Rubber Ducky" and people in the audience throw rubber ducks of all shapes and sizes on the stage. When they come back out after intermission they toss them all back out to the people in the audience. This year Aunt Peggy caught one from Richard (last year one of those sweet ducks went zipping past us...we were on the front row and hit a lady in the 3rd row in the head... she was not hurt but the reason why they were being "tossed" back to the audience this year.

Thanks Aunt Peggy for treating us to such a fun holiday tradition! I love you!

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