Monday, May 31, 2010

Thinking Of You...

This is my Grandpa and Grandma Larsen headstone. I never knew my Grandma Carole... but I have her beautiful green eyes (lucky me!) I have always said... if I could have dinner with anyone past or present... it would be my Grandma! I got my love of cars from my Grandpa Boyd... unfortunately we never got to watch a race together. I remember one time he was visiting from Boise and had a new Cadillac... we were headed down to visit my Aunt Mary when he handed me the keys and said "Let's Go!"... I was 16 and scared to death to drive such a sweet car.  A few blocks away from home he said, "Stop the car"... I thought, great... he already thinks I'm a bad driver... and was ready to move to the passenger side then... he said... all right.. now...
I went from 0 to 70 in a matter of feet! Now you know why I have a need for speed!
 My Aunt...
My Grandma Clara taught me to crochet and loved to play games with all of the grandkids... especially 
We would play for a penny a card... and could have up to 3 cards per game... we would run across the street to Keith's Market for treats with our winnings! My Grandpa Art... well he started my love of Chocolate milk... nothing better.  He would pour us both a small glass and sit at the kitchen table and talk... come to think about it... he started my love of ice cream too!
Uncle Russ... he was such a gentle man... When we would play Uno... he would always say Youknow.. we still say that all these years later. He's been gone for 24 years... but I can still here his voice! Aunt Mary... she was like a Grandma... to both Josh and I. She loved yellow and always had a smile on her face. You were always greeted with a hug... and you always gave her a hug when leaving too!
We miss you all!

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