Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Boise Family...

 Chef Larry... don't you just love his apron...
and he makes a killer burger too!
My cousin Shane's cute family!
Aimee - Natasha - Shane
Brinley - Kylie
Ann and my Uncle Larry
My Aunt Tammy and Uncle Greg
My mom, Sharon - Uncle Larry and Aunt Tammy
Me - Uncle Larry -Aunt Tammy - my Mom

Pioneer Newspapers (the parent company of The Herald Journal) was having a conference in Nampa for all of the classified managers - which means... Vicki gets a "vacation"... well kinda! When I found out I was going, I asked mom if she would like to ride up and spend some time with Larry and Tammy... she jumped at the chance so it worked out perfect! Uncle Larry and Ann made us all a wonderful dinner and Shane made a super delicious YUMMY dessert! It was so much fun to sit and visit and catch up with everyone! Mom stayed with Larry while I "moved" into the hotel and went to my meetings for 2 days... then it was back to Logan. We need to do this more often...
I love my Boise family!

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