Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Fireworks Show

I know I am somewhat prejudice when it comes to the Fireworks Show at Romney Stadium... but knowing that my son has a small part in this amazing show makes me just swell up with pride... and last night shed a few happy tears!  He has worked for Al for the last 9 years... assembling... building... guarding... clean up... set up... whatever Al needed Josh was there and this year was no exception.  Joey and Josh would start out at 7am... doing the yard care business and then would stop early afternoon and do fireworks.  This past week has been especially crazy.

So here is what the "life of a firework employee" is like... I don't think I have ever thought how much time and effort goes into a single 30 minute show...

* Monday it was 7am - 7pm and back again for a few hours after the HJ softball game.
* Tuesday it was 7am - 7pm.
* Wednesday it was 7am - 11pm.  I re-introduced myself to him
* Thursday (set up at Romney) it was 7am until 2am
* Friday (showtime) 7am - 1:15am - he asked if we could wait for him after the show (which meant that it took us 1 hour longer to get home with traffic)... but he was worth the traffic jam.  Other than a quick "Mom, I'm home"... or "Have a good day mom, I love you" was about it for the past week.  When he got home at 1:15...I asked him what time he was leaving for Jackson... his response... 3am.
* Saturday it was up at 2:45... He didn't even get 1 hour of sleep.  At 3:30am... he came in to tell me goodbye and they were headed out.  I did get a text that they all had arrived safe and sound at 9:45am and they were getting the show set up.  I'm hoping tonight after the show and clean up they will get a good nights sleep! They all deserve it!
* Sunday... they have another show to shoot... clean up then back to the hotel for some sleep and then they head home Monday.  I'm sure he is going to be "dragging" for the next week to come, but I'm sure he feels like it will be all worth it for everyone to enjoy this wonderful holiday!

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