Sunday, August 22, 2010

Joey's Farewell Dinner...

Joey has been a part of our lives for over 12 years now... and I consider him a second son.  His wife took a job in Ephraim and so it's time for the 2 of them to spread their wings and move on to greener pastures. Okay... I'm going to miss him a TON...and I know it's all part of life... but he is the first of the "sons" to leave the valley (other than their missions) and it may take a few days - weeks - before I get used to not having him come by and pick Josh up everyday for work! I told him he has his own ringtone, Joey by Sugarland, and that I would love to hear from him... okay I was not teasing... Joey....I really do want to hear from you!

Josh and I decided that a dinner what just what the doctor ordered... and it would be nice if we could have his parents, Al and Laurie, come to the dinner too! I don't get to see Al and Laurie very often but they are such amazing people and I feel lucky to call them friends! Josh and Joey were the chef's for the evening.  We put the big round table in the living room so we could be together.  The boys told stories from high school... and some of the "fun" things they had done... they told stories about Al...  and the pranks they have all played on each other. We laughed... and laughed.

We decided to take pictures out on the front porch...  that was an event all by itself. To get the best pictures... it was completely dark and we were just aiming the camera in the direction of the porch... hoping you would get the "perfect" picture. Al started laughing when he took the "Joey and Josh hand holding"...  and then I got surprised when the boys were smooching on Al. Thanks for a wonderful evening complete with great food and conversation. I love you all!

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