Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day...

I was looking forward to a nice 3 day weekend (I don't get many of those these days)...I knew that I needed to get the door jams painted... but I had NO idea just how much work they would be! Mom and dad to the rescue! They both came down on Saturday morning... mom and I sanded while dad primed and then painted the wood.  Dad installed new molding around the doors... why in the world they picked black strips when the doors and the casings are white is beyond me... but I now have brand new white strips that looks so pretty!
The Front door... and a closer look.... it really needed it!
The deck door...  and the garage door... all in much need of some TLC
The front door and the deck door completed ... don't they look great!

Then it was off to the fridge in the garage... luckily I spared you the grossness of it with no pictures but imagine 6 years with 4 not so "careful" boys getting in and out of it on a daily basis... ooohhheeeewwww! I scrubbed and scrubbed the outside and the inside while mom worked her magic on all of the shelves and trays... it looks brand spank me new! On Monday Josh and started on the garage... We moved pretty much everything and hosed the entire garage down, the cobwebs from the ceiling went bye-bye,  we got Josh's Corvette moved closer to the house (now that we only have 3 cars at the house instead of the 7 cars we had at one time...yes my dad said we looked like a used car lot... and it was sooo true!)  I got the entire driveway and side parking finally hosed down and it looks (and feels) so good! All in all it was a very busy weekend... but we now have 23 projects done... and only 477 more to go!

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