Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010...

Do we look like a Dallas Cowboy family to you?  

Mom, dad and Aunt Peggy were able to come and spend the afternoon and evening with us...we started it off with dinner and then all fled to the basement to watch our beloved Cowboys take on the Cardinals... we thought this would be a win... it was a good game... right down to the end.  Josh, dad and I always wear our jerseys... so Josh pulled out his Marion Barber for Aunt Peggy and Dez Bryant for mom. Aunt Peggy was such a trooper.. she was cheering and getting into the game just like we were... she even took the heat when she (Marion) took off the helmet and cost us a huge penalty!  Thanks mom and Aunt Peggy for letting us watch our boys on Christmas! We thought it might be fun to take some pictures with our Cowboy attire!

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