Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmasary Part Duex...

Mom and Dad - losers * Aunt Peggy and Josh - 2nd
Kendra and Vicki are the winners!  Woot... woot!
 A family photo in front of the tree...
Mom - Dad and Aunt Peggy.... they all wore red!
Dad should have been wearing his Cowboy attire!
NOT Redskin colors... if we had lost the game...
would might have "skinned" him!
 What a cute couple... even after 48 years!
 Aunt Peggy and Rudi
 Dad with Rudolph
 Mom and Rudi
 Rudi and I doing a face off...
 Josh... just being Josh...
Kendra and her cute Rudi

Last Saturday we all went to the matinee of Voice Male (if you have not had the pleasure of seeing them... make sure you put it on the list of fun Christmas things to do for next year.... they are truly amazing!) then we all went to mom and dads for dinner and to play games.  We introduced Kendra to Christmasary.  She loved it and asked Josh if we could all get together again and play before the holidays were over.  So Sunday worked out perfect for everyone!  Josh and I fixed a delicious (I know... I'm cooking again... skocker!) dinner of Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread and beans!

After dinner we played a game of Christmasary and 20 games of Christmas Bingo... that is why dad has the funny look on his face... it's the "Deer in the... I'm tired of Christmas games look"

Kendra made these cute and scrumptious Reindeer cupcakes for treat time. It was another fun night at the Johnson home!

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