Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jackson Hole Fireworks Show

 Josh's Favorite Place for Grub in Jackson
 Snow King Ski Resort
 The snow cat loaded with fireworks took the guys up the hill
to set up the show
Mike and Josh had to hang on to the back for dear life...
The snow cat headed back down the hill after dropping
Josh and Mike off to set up the fireworks
 Views of Jackson from the hill
 Jackson at dusk...  the tubing hill below
 Mortars set up ... loaded with fireworks
 Skiers coming down the hill with flares to begin the "show"

Josh and Mike went to  Jackson Hole to shoot the "show" after the International Pedigree Dogsled Race. It is a qualifying event for the big dogsled race that takes place in Alaska.  The snow cat took them up the hill at 5pm to get the fireworks all set up... then they had an hour to wait in the cold (2*) before the show began. Josh said he didn't even get to see the show.  Normally the shows are shot electronically with wiring as the pictures show from the  Orem Show  back in June. because they were lighting the fireworks with flares instead of electronically they would light the fuse with the flare and hurry and turn their heads away from the shells exploding.  They had hard hats and goggles... as a mom all I can say as it sound much more dangerous than normal! Josh loves it... he will be heading back up to Jackson in March for another show!

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