Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Things have been a little hectic at work this month. My department was downsized to 2.5 and long story short down to 2.  My employee gave her notice the end of December and I have been working alone from 8am (or earlier) to 5pm (or later) with no lunch hour. I hired a new girl and she started her training almost 2 weeks ago... and honestly I come home from work mentally exhausted every night.  Training was coming along slower than I expected... which made my patience (not that I have a lot to start with) come unraveled.  I sent Josh a text on Thursday night at 10pm and told him I was headed to bed and that I would make sure he was up at 7:30 to get ready to go to Jackson.  I usually don't go to bed until he's home which is between 11:30pm and 1:30 am depending on the night and what sports events they are waiting to get scores  for. On the nights that I have gone to bed... he likes to wake me up anyway and talk about his night when he gets home... so it's easier to stay up than get woken up... I'm not complaining because I know one day... I am going to miss not having him live here and having a full nights sleep ;-)   I could hear him come in my room and I started talking to him (I'm still half asleep) he told me he was leaving me a love note and I could read it in the morning.  Here is what his sweet note said....

Mother ~

You should just take my car tomorrow, ride in style... I think I'll see you before you go... if not... I love you.

The word of the day = PATIENCE


I have to laugh because I use the "..." all the time... and so does he.  He knows my car is about on it's last leg...we laugh when something else breaks and doesn't work... if we didn't laugh... we would be crying!  So I drove Smoke to work... and I have to admit... I can get used to those bum warmers...especially in this cold weather!  I went to work with great hopes of having more patience... and I did.  However, it didn't surprise me this morning when she came into the office and said... I Quit... it's too hard for me.  It's a blessing in disguise... I know it's for the best... so now it's back to the drawing board... and my still working 45 - 55 hours a week.  The worst thing is... I'm not getting any crafting done and it's making me cranky!

Thanks Josh for being such a good example to your mom and knowing just the right words to say... at just the right time! You are going to be an amazing husband and father... I couldn't be more proud of you! I love you son!

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