Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Party - Vicki Style...

Aunt Peggy brought this fun Valentine Confetti Pancake mix... 
wow...does my aunt know me or what...
anything with the word confetti in... I'm all over it!
I put the batter in a squeeze bottle... don't they look nummy!
Josh made his specialty... a Diced Ham Scramble...
Kendra and I have had been busy making chocolate covered pretzels... 
molded chocolate and this Valentine Confetti cake for treat time!
To see all of our sweet treats we made check out
Green Eyed Girl Crafts Blog
Kendra and Aunt Peggy
Blaine (my daddy-o) and Vicki
Sharon (my mom) and Josh
Aunt Peggy - drawing her picture with eyes closed...
 Mom having way too much fun with the play dough!

I have to laugh... after we were all done eating I realized we didn't get a picture of the heart shaped waffles... sausage... or my special Valentine juice. Next year!  After dinner we decided to play Cranium... we played last weekend and had fun... so we decided to play again this week.  Last week Josh and Kendra were the winners... this week Dad and I were the winners (at least we were in the brain when Josh had to leave and go to work) and since this is my blog... we were the winners!  We are so lucky to have each other and to enjoy being together! We will have to play it again soon!


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