Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Peggy...

 The Birthday Dinner
 Dad and mom
 Josh and Kendra
 Dad with his matching earrings
 Josh... just being... Josh
 Oh Yoda....
 Notice the peas in his mouth... 2 were later put into
this nose... what a kid!
 Notice the squiggles in the upper right corner...
it looks like Aunt Peggy is 95
 My Aunt Peggy...isn't she pretty!
My Aunt Peggy had her hip replaced the first of March and we hadn't got together for family time since Valentines... so we thought we could throw Aunt Peggy a surprise party! She was surprised! What would a party be with the hats and confetti... Josh made his Chicken Alfredo a la Josh... along with his famous garlic bread! We played a new game called Catch Phrase and had a great evening! We all got a laugh at the squiggles on Aunt Peggy's cake... it looks like a "95".  We all know that's not true...she's only 39!
Happy Birthday Aunt Peggy.... We Love you!

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