Friday, March 25, 2011

Boise... here we come...

 Brinley's Ice Cube Igloo - it was a school project
and she did a great job decorating it!
 The girls made these cute flowers and were so
sweet to share one with us... mine is purple!
 One of Natasha's many talents...
 Kylie showing me her newest dance move!
 My Uncle Larry... being goofy!
 Missy... my Uncle Larry's cute cat
 My awesome family....
Front row.... Shane ~ Aimee ~ Uncle Larry and mom
Back row... Kylie ~ Tasha ~ Brinley
Shane ~ Tasha ~ Brinley ~ Kylie ~ Me - Mom ~ Uncle Larry
I had to get one with the girls...our crazy faces!

When I found out in February that I was headed to Nampa for another Classified managers meeting... I called mom to see if she wanted to make another road trip with me.  I have been fortunate to go to Boise for a few days the past 3 years for classified managers meetings and squeeze in some family time while I am there.  This year I was able to watch the end of the Bristol Nascar race with my Uncle Larry before heading to my new blog friends home to pick up some wood projects. Then it was off the Shane and Aimee's home for dinner with the family. I love spending time with them... I wish we lived closer so I could enjoy them so much more! Each one of the girls have so many talents and we were lucky enough to have each of them show us a few of them. After my meetings I headed back to meet my mom and Uncle Larry for lunch before we hit the road back home. I love my Boise family... maybe moving to Boise wouldn't be such a bad idea...???!!!

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