Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can we keep him?

I was just doing fine as frog hair, when Josh came into the studio and discovered this cute little froggie in my window well. He decided to go and catch him...he is so toadally a boy! It took him a few tries but he got him... little froggie is a pretty good little leaper! Josh then decided that I needed an up close and personal look at him and brought the little froggie in my studio. I'm not a must love frogs kinda gal... and my biggest fear is that he would play leap frog off of Josh's hand while we were taking the pictures and he would be unfrogetable! It would have been like frogs gone wild...then I would have been able to tell Josh... I toad you so! There was not a frog in my throat... I was ribbiting pretty good to get little froggie out of my studio... NOW! It made me a very hoppy mommy when he finally did!

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