Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Night Football ~ Cowboy Style...

Can you say "Are You Ready For Some Football" and it looks like all my rowdy friends have come over! Josh's play-off game was at 7pm... and if they won the championship game would be at 9pm. The Cowboys game started at 6:15... what do die-hard fans do with this dilemma?  We DVR'd the game... went to the softball diamond (all the while hoping that we didn't win the game so we could go home and watch the Cowboys... as it turns out after wishing we'd lose...the championship game would be the following week!).  We raced home... Josh jumped in the shower and dad ~ Kendra and I made the garlic bread and warmed up the spaghetti and headed for the basement to watch the game.  I'm sure my mom would have freaked to see us carrying dinner down the stairs... but a die hard fan has to do... what a die-hard fan has to do and luckily no one spilled on the carpet and the best thing... the our boys whooped on the Redskins!

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