Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herald Journal Softball...

Can you say woot... woot...
for the Home Run King of The HJ... 
this was Josh's second OVER THE FENCE home run!
Way to go son!
Not sure what's up with the circles it was not raining
hey dad... maybe they are fireflies!
The Herald Journal team pulled it off!
The congrats from the losers...
The winning team in their white HJ shirts
(well some of them anyway)
The Champions!
Front row: Brady Wolfe - Jeff Hunter - Wade Denniston and Shawn Harrison. Back row: Nate Shields - Jason Turner - Dustin Wood -  Joey Hislop and Joshua Stead. Missing: Paul Davis and Wes Mecham
Paul Davis and his battle wounds...

Wow... what a fun night.  Our first game was at 8pm and if we won... we played for the Championship at 10pm. The first game was a battle... more with words. They had some of the rudest men I have every heard... they were making fun of our players... personally I don't think that's what playing ball is all about... however, in the end we SPANKED them! Ah...ha... Ah...ha...! After an hour of waiting... its off to field number 1... It has been a long season (it started back in May but because of holidays and rain outs... we are still playing in September... who would have thought! Everything was going great... we were having good hits... Josh got his home run... and then... Paul got hit with a line drive right at his eye. I didn't see it happen I just saw his body flat on the mound! You can tell how much we love Paul... I gave him Josh's Dallas Cowboy beach towel to help with the bleeding... and it was off to the ER. The guys finished out a great game and won their division!  I could not be prouder of these amazing guys that entertained us every Monday night... I can't wait until next season.  Josh and I ran up to the ER to see how Paul was doing after the game... I had to laugh when he asked... are you going to take a picture of me... how could I resist... 3 hours, 12 stitches and a broken bone later Paul finally got to leave the ER... he actually used a sick day... there's always a first for everything!

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