Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scrappin' Blogs...

Here is a shout out to Scrappin' Blogs... they ROCK! My blog was pretty much Cowboy'd Up... but a Cowboy background would be the cherry on top! Since I'm a dummy when it comes to that kind of "blog stuff" I figured there was no way I would ever get my Cowboy background. Scrappin' Blogs to the rescue! They had some cute football backgrounds they had created... BYU - U of U - Titans - Colts... and I left them a message asking if there was any way I could request a Dallas Cowboy background... a few hours later I had an e-mail back... Ask and you shall receive! They had two Cowboy backgrounds for me to choose from!  I have to admit... I was at work and I stood up on my desk and did the happy dance... (okay so I didn't do it on my desk... but behind it I did)!  I had to change it right then and there!  Check them out...  they have awesome backgrounds... something for everyone ... and every occasion! Thank you Elaine - Kristy and Tycie... you three ROCK!

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