Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Josh's New Gig...

He got the call... he starts on Thursday! Shawn Harrison had talked to him at the softball game last week and asked if he might be interested in working part-time in the sports department doing the "Scoreboard" section.  Shawn said.. the pay is not great... the hours are terrible (8pm - midnight) and Friday and Saturday nights are a must... are you still interested? Josh jumped... okay he leaped at the chance... what could be better for a "want to be" sports journalist than working at the local newspaper... doing what he loves... and working with guys that he things are great... what is not to like?  Congrats Josh... here is that foot in the door... let it lead you where your heart takes you to!


  1. That sounds Awesome Josh! Except the hours...I must be getting old.
    I have to say OUCH!!! Poor guy that got hit with the ball!


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