Friday, June 10, 2011

Seeing Double...Again...

 Anyone who knows me... knows I love rainbows...
I have even gone as far as telling Josh that I want a rainbow of some sort on my headstone... with that said.  We were all at dinner when Kendra said... hey Vic... there's a rainbow outside.  As much as I loved the conversation at the table... I left everyone and went outside for another photo op... 2 double rainbows in 2 days... I still think there is a "meaning" behind it but will settle for it being another one of natures breathe-taking moments.  I love this one because you can see the Logan Temple under the arch.
Rainbows and I go way back... One of the first days that Josh and I spent in our new condo there was a rainbow... I kept thinking "I'm in over my head with our new purchase"... but after the rainbow the knot in my stomach went away and I knew that Josh and I would make it... and we did!
Another rainbow appeared on a Saturday afternoon. Josh's soccer team were playing in a big tournament. We had already played and won games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and this game was for the Championship.  We were down 3 goals at half-time (which was unusual... yeah the Raptors were pretty awesome).  Just as the boys were getting out of their half-time huddle a beautiful rainbow appeared over the East goal (which was going to be our goal for the 2nd half)... I told the boys... "you know what that rainbow means... it means we are going to win this tournament... now go and get some goals"! I'll be darned if those sweet boys didn't play their hearts out and came back to tie the game when the final whistle blew.  We had a shoot out... their best 5 players against ours... we didn't win the game... but Josh was the only Raptor to score a goal for our team.
The latest "big" rainbow was a little over a year ago.  Things had gotten so bad with Val and I.  We were fighting non-stop... or just not talking at all. This had been going on almost our entire married life and I was getting tired.  I got down on my knees one night and asked for some guidance... and was asking for a divorce the right choice to make.  I didn't get much sleep that night.  The next morning I woke up and did my normal morning routine.  I headed to work and lo and behold in the west sky was a great big beautiful rainbow (I mean really has anyone ever seen an ugly one).  I felt right at that moment that was my... "Yes... Vicki cut your loses and move on" sign.  I called Val when I got to work and asked him to please come to the office to talk.  When he got there I went and sat in the car (it was raining again) and asked him for a divorce.  We agreeded it was the right thing to do... and thus began my life with Val now know as my "former life".
There have been other stories about rainbows... maybe one day I will tell them to you! For now... don't miss your chance to go dance in the rain!

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