Friday, June 10, 2011

The Tulley's...

 Josh - Nikki - Leila - Dad - Mom - Vicki
 Leila - Josh - Nikki
June 10, 2011

While Josh was serving in Gallup, New Mexico he met a wonderful family that took such great care of him! Fixing him dinners making sure that he had plenty of "love"... Josh loved them all so much that he would share the cookies with them that my mom and dad sent faithfully every Monday while he was gone. Last year Nikki and Monique stayed with us one night on their way home from Washington.  I didn't get to spent much time with them, but enjoyed the little big of time we had. Monique (who is living in Washington, DC right now) sent Josh a text that her mom and Nikki might be coming to Logan... and as soon as we heard that we all wanted to get together for a visit.  We met at Juniper Take Out for dinner... Josh really wanted to introduce them to his Papa... so he asked if they minded going to the hospital to visit.  Dad had been admitted earlier in the afternoon for breathing off we went. There is something so amazing about this family... you can feel the love just radiate from them and they have never met us before (even though the stories that Josh has told us made us feel like we had known them forever).  Leila and my dad hit it off right from the start... it was great to spend some time with them... hopefully someday soon Josh will take us to New Mexico so we can see them all again!

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