Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeing Double...

This rainbow was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen... and it was a double rainbow too! Josh had just left for work and it had been raining when the sun started shining from the West.  I'm always on the lookout for a rainbow and tonight was no exception. I peeked outside and this was what I saw!  (Josh and Kendra both sent me a text to make sure that I knew there was a beautiful rainbow outside... thanks guys for always looking out for me!) I stood in the rain for a good 10 minutes just taking in the beauty... and yes by the time it was over... I was soaked! I only wish the pictures could really show the true beauty!

HJ even wrote a story about it... Apparently double rainbows are described in scientific literature as a duel refraction of sunlight in raindrops, emerging at two different angles. Triple, and even quadruple, rainbows have also been seen. Interestingly, the dark area of sky between the two arches is a regular phenomenon with double rainbows and actually has a scientific name: Alexander’s band, named after the ancient Greek philosopher who first described it. It’s also worth noting that the color stripes in the fainter, outer arch of a double rainbow always appear in the opposite order as the main arch — inverted, in other words.

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