Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day...

 Dad - Josh - Duane
 Linda - Mom - Aunt Peggy - Me
 Josh and G-ma

This year we decided to head out early on Sunday afternoon and make the rounds. We started in River Heights decorating my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's grave and then off to Aunt Mary to leave her and Uncle Russ yellow flowers (I know he doesn't mind that I always get was her favorite color!). While we were decorating, Aunt Peggy and her brother Duane and his wife Linda came to decorate also... we visited for a while and then headed up to the Logan Cemetery to decorate our families together up there... I ended up getting distracted and didn't get a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Larsen's headstone all decorated. Then it was back to our house for a burger cookout... on the way home the police chief himself pulled Josh over for the tint in his car being too dark... but decided to give him the no seat belt ticket instead! Grrrr... I wasn't belted either... but he didn't give me one... maybe that was because I was so nice to him... lol

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