Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Vicki on Graduation 5/28/82
My Grandpa Larsen's Anniversary Pace Car...
what a sweet car!
My Cousins... Shane and Nadene
My Uncle Larry and Aunt LeAnn had 2 orange Corvettes at the same time
The only difference was... one had a luggage rack!
My Uncle Larry and Aunt LeAnn and Nadene
These two pictures show them being parked "nose to nose"
This one is my Uncle Larry's sweet ride!

What do you say when your son tells you... "Mom, I'm going to sell the Corvette". Wow... I never thought I would hear those words out of his mouth at all. Since he found out that the "car" was his he wanted to bring it home! (my Uncle Larry believes that a Corvette is never to be called a "car") First off, he had to figure out how to get it home and I must say.... when he finally makes up his mind... there is no going back! 26 Hours beginning to end! However, I am such a Corvette fan... it kills me to know that it will be gone! My Grandpa Larsen and Uncle Larry have had several Corvettes through the years. Randy even had a Corvette when we started dating (that must have been what got my attention :-)

Every July when the "Cruise In" is here in town... I love seeing and hearing the Corvettes as they pass on the street! Josh I know you made the right choice... but your Grandma and I will always have the "Corvette Love"... I'm so glad you didn't!

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