Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oregon...Here They Come!

Today is the big Oregon trip for Josh, Payden and my Dad... we left at 6am and headed to the airport. They arrived in Portland at 10:20 and were off to pick up the U-Haul. After they got the truck picked up they drove for the Nike Store... It's such a guy thing! Then off to McMinnville to pack up the storage unit. They got everything packed and headed back to pick up the car...somehow when they were all pushing the car up on to the car carrier, dad slipped and fell... dislocating his right shoulder. You know... they just don't make men like my dad anymore! Even at 72 he's still trying to do what those two 22 year old boys were doing. Josh called and said Amy was taking dad to the hospital and they would follow in the truck... This is where the details are "fuzzy"... due to boys giving me the details. They ended up getting dad's shoulder put back into place and they were off to get pain meds. Wal-Mart they told him it would be over an hour to fill the prescription, dad said "bag it... we need to get on the road" and off they drove! Dad said his "duty" is to keep the boys awake since they won't let him drive now. I'll update tomorrow about the "rest of the trip"...

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  1. I feel really bad about the shoulder. If it would have been today I could have been right there with them.


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