Saturday, July 18, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion

Dad - Mom - Vicki - Josh
Josh and Vicki - In our matching purple!
Karen Olsen and her sweet mother, Clea Coburn
My cute cousin, Karla see... it's a Johnson thing...
We all love olives... one for each finger!
Uncle Ace and his precious granddaughter Gracie
Debbie - Cindy - Joy Clark and Vonna Morgan
Aunt Charlene - Uncle Darrell and Aunt Luella
By the look on Uncle Ace's face... you can tell this picture has a story! My Uncle Darrell put his arm around Aunt Sis...and I made the comment... aahhh that looks so sweet! My dad... without missing a beat... put his arm around Uncle Ace... we all broke out laughing!
Uncle Darrell - Aunt Luella
My Dad - Blaine and Uncle Ace
which brother spends more time in the sun?

I have to admit... I enjoy going to the Johnson Family Reunion every summer. Probably because it is more like the "Art and Clara (my grandpa and grandma) Reunion". It's my uncles, aunts and cousins are the ones who gather for this fun event! This year it was held at Willow Park. This was the first year that Josh and I got "skunked" in the raffle drawing. Usually we are the lucky ones... not so much this year! Looks like we have some "planning" to do... I am in charge of the Johnson Family Reunion next year... hummmm...ideas anyone?

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