Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Rest Of The Story...

The "new" hot rod... It's pretty sweet!
Amp... Dale Junior #88 and I are very proud...
Josh said they bought it because it was on sale!
The look.... it's almost over!
You can see.. not much leg room!
The crate and the pillow...ouch...!
The back of the U-Haul... now the fun begins!

What happens when you put a "mom" in charge of ordering the U-Haul?
1... You don't get a bench seat... and
2... You don't get ramps!
Oh my hanna! I feel so bad... Every U-Haul truck I have ever seen has a bench seat... and ramps! I didn't even think to ask them if they were included. So the boys took turn sitting on the floor... mind you Payden is 6'4". I don't really know where he tucked his legs. After they cleaned out the storage unit, they found a crate and thought that would help them sit up a little higher in the cab... a few blocks later they stopped at Walmart and bought a pillow for a softer "ride" for the drive home. The boys would not let dad sit on the crate for fear if they had to stop real would go flying and hurt his shoulder so he stayed in the passenger seat. Josh and Payden took turns driving. Papa was a little cranky that he didn't get his turn to drive... but the boys made the right choice! Dad did stay awake the whole night and made sure to keep the boys awake while they were driving. Josh said Papa didn't doze off once! Josh pulled in the drive way at 7:30am... all three of them were home safe and sound! Thank goodness! Dad took a 90 minute "nap"... Josh slept until about 6pm and Payden until 7pm. Now the next fun part begins... finding a place for all of the "things".

Thanks Dad and Payden for being such troopers and being so willing to have an "adventure to remember"! I'm off to Boise for 3 days... I'm so excited! Now begins my adventure!

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  1. I am very very jealous of the Corvette. I told Josh but I almost bought one like it in High School and I should have.


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